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Evergreen Lawyers is a full service network of corporate lawyers with offices in Paris and Lyon. Our lawyers are fluent in English and developped a strong track record in transactional lawyering and in dispute settlement. Our team built a respected practice in accompanying foreign investors into the French market.

Our Team


Tristan HUBERT

Combative and realistic, Tristan is always fully engaged in defending the interests of his clients! After spending nearly 3 years in various renowned law firms in Paris and London, Tristan co-founded the Association for Entrepreneurship in Hotels, Cafes and Restaurants before moving to Lyon in 2015 where he created his Firm.

Tristan is involved in all aspects of labor and social security law, as well as commercial litigation for a clientele made up of French and foreign companies of all sizes.



Pragmatic and resolutely focused on solutions, he has developed in-depth expertise in the negotiation and sale of business assets.

Hugo has much diplomatic experience and is always on the lookout for the best deal for his clients. Hugo started his legal practice in Taiwan, then in West Africa, before returning to settle in Paris. Hugo intervenes mainly in the context of international investments and alternative dispute resolution.


Yanchao WU

Moving forward could be Yanchao’s motto, which is moving forward against all odds to defend her customers. Her dual Franco-Chinese origins makes her a perfect mediator for conflict resolution involving French and Chinese interests.

Yanchao has strong ties within the Chinese community, to whom she provides a legal assistance, notably in the aspects of the management and the transfer of goodwill.


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